Couple unable to see mobile device screen because of disability and sun glare.


The dream of an inclusive web The internet is built for people, and one of the fastest growing areas of web development is that of accessibility. Fueled in part by a steady growth of lawsuits, a realization that there is a large underserved segment of internet users, and some seeing a commitment to good accessibility … Continued

Accessibility tips for modern Web Development

What is Web Accessability? Web Accessibility is the process of making your website accessible and removing barriers of use to those with a range of disabilities. Someone with a disability may use assistive technologies such as a screen reader to access your website if they are visually impaired, or require additional support to consume your … Continued

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Plan Ahead! Accessibility, Analytics, and SEO

TL;DR Accessibility, Analytics, and SEO are the last things many of us think about when building out new website features, but they should be among the first things we address. We should be developing website features with analytics, accessibility, and SEO in mind from the start. Every initial feature discussion should answer the questions “How … Continued