Resources for Learning AEM Sling Context-Aware Configurations

Since learning how to use Sling Context-Aware Configurations (CA-Config) was a rabbit hole of information, I wanted to provide one source for learning how to use CA-Configs in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.2+.  I have ordered these in the way that I think it’s easiest to understand the possibilities of where and when you would use CA-Configs.


The most informative resource is this series of blog posts from Jörg Hoh here:  I recommend reading the series from beginning to end as a starting point. Here are links to the individual posts in order:

  1. Sling Context-Aware configuration: Why it’s useful and use cases –
  2. Sling Context-Aware configuration (Part 2): How to do it in AEM –
  3. (Part 3): Using a UI –
  4. (Part 4): Using Inheritance –
  5. (Part 5): Thoughts on Production Layout –
  6. (Part 6): Replicate CA-Config –
  7. (Part 7): Conclusion –

Apache Sling Documentation

Once you have this base level understanding I think the Apache Sling documentation makes more sense and becomes useful: Context-Aware Configuration Editor Template

You may have noticed references to the editor for CA-Configs.  The next thing to dive into is learning more about the editor.  There is a useful YouTube video from the 2017 AdaptTo() conference by Stefan Seifert which also discusses using CA-Configs in AEM.

Here is the documentation which explains the editor and its usage (with screenshots)

If you find any additional resources which are useful make sure to add them in the comments!

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