Polymer: Detect Outside Click of Custom Element

Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to detect clicks outside of your custom element in Polymer, the most popular use cases are when: closing a menu or closing a dropdown when the user clicks outside of it. Below is a quick and easy way to achieve this: Add an event listener to the document (*If your … Continued

Reusable Canvas Based Web Components

Very often the capabilities of the web platform are under utilized. It is easy to revert to libraries built upon the technology that you are already familiar within instead of finding out if the underlying platform has the capability itself. In the years that have already passed commerce, authentication, caching, geolocation, device sensory information, offline … Continued

A disassembled embedded computer

Decompiling and Debugging AEM

TL;DR If you know where to look you can step through pretty much every line of code that runs on an AEM instance. This article contains details on where to look and how to look there. Figuring out how stuff works is hard. When you’re working on AEM customizations, sometimes you need to know how … Continued

Little Bits of Polish in AEM

TL;DR AEM implementors can see a large benefit with only a little effort if they take advantage of some of the more neglected out of the box features in AEM. Features such as component groups, thumbnails, descriptive text, and permissions can make authors more effective and happy while reducing the need for training on new … Continued

Puzzle pieces laying on a wooden table

Crafting the Perfect Pull Request

It is easy for a developer to think about their code changes as the end product of their work. Often the thought is that if the pull request contains the needed changes then not much else matters. However accurately communicating and recording the intent of those changes is crucial. Proper communication of intent saves time, … Continued

Cross Platform Development with Docker and dotnet Core

Cross platform development with dotnet is here and it’s awesome.  However, heterogeneous development environments bring their own complications.  Modern dotnet development is often done with traditional tooling such as Visual Studio for windows,  but the landscape is changing quickly.  We recently had a project where some developers were using VS2017 on Windows, others used VS … Continued

Using CSS Variables in AEM with Sass

The Challenge: Our client had multiple standalone co-branded microsites with two particular pain points: Microsites were difficult to maintain and were frequently out of sync with corporate branding standards. Creating a new microsite was difficult for an author and frequently required a developer to guide the process. We needed a solution that would: Allow AEM … Continued

Data Organization in the Minds of AEM Authors

For AEM architects and developers concepts of data modeling should be second nature. As an example the differences between a hierarchy of data and references to data should be second nature. A clean demonstration of this would be a news feed. There are many ways to organize the posts that could go into a news … Continued