Local AEM Dispatcher Made Easy

Testing and developing an Adobe Experience Manager dispatcher in a local environment can be a challenge. Configuring Apache on a local computer always seems to be unique to the operating system. Where is Apache installed? Where are the configuration files? Where is the error log? What version is installed? What do you do if you need to switch between projects? It is easy for the variations and confusions to introduce a mental block. Let’s be rid of all that and discover how Docker can make testing with an AEM dispatcher easy.

In order to run an AEM dispatcher in a local environment, follow these easy to repeat steps:

  1. Install Docker
  2. Start an AEM publish instance running on localhost:4503
  3. Git clone the docker-aem-dispatcher Github repository
  4. Run the “docker build -t easy-docker-dispatcher .” command
  5. Run the “docker run -it -p 8080:80 easy-docker-dispatcher” command

And there you have it! AEM dispatcher is now running on localhost:8080. Docker will take care of setting up a container with the correct versions of software installed into the correct locations and provide you the error log output.

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