Jars of jam

CMS Integrations with JAMstack Sites

It is often assumed that static site generators have limitations that server side rendering or client side rendering is necessary to get beyond. Single page applications, progressive web apps, engaging and dynamic UI’s, integrations with databases and content management systems; these cannot be used with a statically generated site can they? They certainly can. One … Continued

AEM Groovy Console

New Releases of ICF Next AEM Open Source Libraries

ICF Next maintains several open source libraries for the Adobe Experience Manager platform.  In anticipation of the release of AEM version 6.5, we’ve updated our libraries (detailed below) to provide preliminary support for the upcoming 6.5 release in addition to backward compatibility with AEM versions 6.3 and 6.4.  Historically, these libraries have been coupled to … Continued

Polymer: Detect Outside Click of Custom Element

Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to detect clicks outside of your custom element in Polymer, the most popular use cases are when: closing a menu or closing a dropdown when the user clicks outside of it. Below is a quick and easy way to achieve this: Add an event listener to the document (*If your … Continued

Reusable Canvas Based Web Components

Very often the capabilities of the web platform are under utilized. It is easy to revert to libraries built upon the technology that you are already familiar within instead of finding out if the underlying platform has the capability itself. In the years that have already passed commerce, authentication, caching, geolocation, device sensory information, offline … Continued

Cross Platform Development with Docker and dotnet Core

Cross platform development with dotnet is here and it’s awesome.  However, heterogeneous development environments bring their own complications.  Modern dotnet development is often done with traditional tooling such as Visual Studio for windows,  but the landscape is changing quickly.  We recently had a project where some developers were using VS2017 on Windows, others used VS … Continued

Using CSS Variables in AEM with Sass

The Challenge: Our client had multiple standalone co-branded microsites with two particular pain points: Microsites were difficult to maintain and were frequently out of sync with corporate branding standards. Creating a new microsite was difficult for an author and frequently required a developer to guide the process. We needed a solution that would: Allow AEM … Continued