Little Bits of Polish in AEM

TL;DR AEM implementors can see a large benefit with only a little effort if they take advantage of some of the more neglected out of the box features in AEM. Features such as component groups, thumbnails, descriptive text, and permissions can make authors more effective and happy while reducing the need for training on new … Continued

Definitions of Default in AEM Authoring

TL;DR There are many different definitions for “default” when discussing AEM authoring requirements. All of these different scenarios must be considered when determining the requirements for a component. This process can be greatly accelerated by agreeing on a definition of “default” for the project and marking some scenarios as out of scope or undefined behavior. … Continued

Extensionless URLs with Adobe Experience Manager

Many SEO experts argue that as a best practice, your website’s pages should have extensionless URLs. For example, would be more SEO optimized than Discussing the merits of this rule is another post for another day (look for one later), but sometimes this requirement just comes up. It may seem a little daunting … Continued