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Reusable Canvas Based Web Components

Very often the capabilities of the web platform are under utilized. It is easy to revert to libraries built upon the technology that you are already familiar within instead of finding out if the underlying platform has the capability itself. In the years that have already passed commerce, authentication, caching, geolocation, device sensory information, offline … Continued

Puzzle pieces laying on a wooden table

Crafting the Perfect Pull Request

It is easy for a developer to think about their code changes as the end product of their work. Often the thought is that if the pull request contains the needed changes then not much else matters. However accurately communicating and recording the intent of those changes is crucial. Proper communication of intent saves time, … Continued

Data Organization in the Minds of AEM Authors

For AEM architects and developers concepts of data modeling should be second nature. As an example the differences between a hierarchy of data and references to data should be second nature. A clean demonstration of this would be a news feed. There are many ways to organize the posts that could go into a news … Continued

The Vanilla Javascript Component Pattern

I started delving into web components about a year ago. I really liked the idea of getting a reference to a custom element and then calling methods and setting values right on the custom element. After that I looked into Polymer 3.0, which layered on a number of conveniences and best practices. These specifically came … Continued